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How to Use Your Washing Machine More Efficiently
October 23, 2018

Thankfully, long gone are the days where doing a load of washing involved manual labour! Nowadays, we set the washing machine to do the job with a push of a button, without giving it too much thought. 

But, what if adjusting your laundry habits could mean you save money on utilities? Many don’t realize that they are using more electricity and more water than they need to while doing a load of washing. By learning how to operate your washing machine more competently, you can easily reduce both your water and energy usage.

Here’s our top tips on how to use your washing machine more efficiently:

Adjusting the settings on a washing machine

Set the right temperature

Using the cold water setting is not only the most gentle on your clothes, it’s the best energy saving option, as the washer doesn’t use extra energy heating the water. For optimum results, look for a washing detergent that is designed to work best with cold water. Save the hot water washes for items that need thorough sanitising - such as sportswear, muddy clothes or baby clothes.

Did you know that setting the right temperature on your heat pump can help you save money on power too? Check out this great article on How to Make the Most Out of Your Heat Pump.

Wash a full load of clothing

Most washing machines use the same amount of power and water for partial loads as they would with a full load. People often underload rather than overload, and washing two smaller loads of clothes will use much more energy than one full load. Always be sure to load your washer to its full capacity (without cramming it in).

Make use of the washer settings

Most modern washing machines come with a range of customisable wash settings, designed to ensure your clothes are efficiently cleaned based on the material. Most settings will at least include a quick wash, heavy duty wash, delicates wash, wool wash and a regular wash.

Another washer setting to utilise is the timer setting - which allows you to set the end time of your wash. So instead of having to wake up early to start a load, or having to wait around for a cycle to end, you can set the timer to have the wash completed at your convenience. 

Clean your washer regularly

Did you know that you may be passing dirt, gunk, grime and even mold from your washing machine onto your laundry? Cleaning the drums every two to three months will help remove build up, and also help it to function at its best. 

It’s not hard to clean either - simply run a wash programme (to at least 90°C) on an empty load and add a cap full of bleach. You’d be surprised as to the difference it will make!

Find the best power provider

While using your washing machine more efficiently will help save you money, you could potentially save hundreds more each year by switching electricity providers.

It’s easy to compare power prices online using our online comparison tool. Our free and easy to use tool allows you to compare power company prices and benefits side by side, so you can find a deal that best suits you and your family. Are you ready to switch and save with Compare Bear?