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How to Make Your Wi-Fi Faster
July 29, 2018

Are you plagued by bad reception, slow speeds and other internet issues? Slow Wi-Fi can leave even the calmest person wanting to throw their laptop out the window. If your broadband provider hasn’t been any help in speeding things up, there are a few things you can do yourself to try and remedy your slow internet speed.

Here are our top tips on how you can boost your Wi-Fi connection for faster speeds in the home or office:

Man Working From Home Using Wi-Fi

Invest in a Quality Router

Wi-Fi routers really do have their work cut out for them these days - most new gadgets you bring into the house immediately want to connect to your Wi-Fi. As smart home kits - like security systems and home automation systems - are becoming more and more popular, it’s likely that your internet connection will slow down in order to cater for these additional devices.

A quality Wi-Fi router will not only provide great performance, but will help you to achieve your desired internet speeds. When you signed up with your current internet provider, it’s likely you were given a default router - so consider upgrading and investing in a higher performance router.

Correctly Position Your Router

Did you know that the location of your router could be affecting your internet speed? Routers hidden in corners or chucked underneath couches are likely to be slowing your Wi-Fi down. 

The best place for your router is in the centre of your home, off the ground and away from walls - so that the signal strength can’t be disrupted. Keeping your router centrally located will maximise your Wi-Fi coverage and help to ensure the entire house receives a similar level of coverage.

Schedule a Regular Router Reboot

One of the most common “quick fixes” when it comes to slow internet is to simply reboot your router. Not only will this help to clear data, it’ll reset any background processes that may be affecting your internet speed.

Just like your mobile phone, routers need to be rebooted every known and then to maximize its performance. Many routers come with the ability to have reboots scheduled, so that you can set it up once and have it happen automatically on a regular basis. It’s best to do this when there is little internet usage - like the middle of the night.

Purchase a Wi-Fi Extender

Do you have parts of the house which struggle to get a strong Wi-Fi connection? A Wi-Fi extender will help to rebroadcast Wi-Fi signals, improving both the speed and range of your signal. This works especially well for larger houses and offices.

Compare Broadband Providers

If all else fails, and your internet speed hasn’t improved after trying our top tips, we recommend looking at switching from your current broadband provider. Switching ISP providers can not only give you faster internet speeds, it could also help to save you money on your next internet bill.

It’s easier than you think to browse through Australia’s best broadband providers and find a plan that suits you. You can use our free online broadband comparison tool to find and compare unlimited broadband plans by speed, price, data usage and more.