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How to Make the Most Out Of Your Heat Pump
July 15, 2018

Now that winter is in full swing, the nights are getting colder and the power bills are getting higher. Did you know that heating your home during winter can account for over 35% of your monthly electricity bill? Understandably, you may be searching for ways to reduce your power bill - and making the most out of your heat pump is an easy way to do this.

Heat pumps are the most efficient form of electric heating, and it only takes a few simple tricks to get even more value out of your heat pump.


A Couple Using Their Heat Pump Unit

Make use of the timer

Learning how to use the timer feature on your heat pump remote is the first step to efficient heating. 

Leaving your heat pump on all day can take a toll on your electricity bill, so you should only have it on when required. Save unnecessary power usage by setting the timer to turn on half an hour before you arrive home or before you get up in the morning. Setting the timer also helps to prevent the heat pump from being “cranked up” when you come home.

Set it to the perfect temperature

Constantly adjusting your heat pump thermostat is a big no no - this can also take a toll on your electricity bill. It’s best to set your heat pump to the perfect temperature, and leave it there. The most healthy temperature is around 18 to 20 degrees.

Keep your heat pump clean

You can actually save money each month by giving your heat pump a regular clean. A quick clean once every few weeks can help your heat pump to breathe a lot easier, improve its efficiency and reduce your power bill. 

There are plenty of YouTube videos that talk you through the cleaning process - most are applicable to a variety of makes and models. Just be sure to turn your heat pump off first!

Ensure your home is insulated well

If you’re able to, have your house insulated. The better insulated your home is, the better it is able to hold heat - meaning the more energy efficient your heat pump will be.

While your heat pump is running, close your doors and curtains and make sure that there are no drafts coming through windows or doors. 

Check if you’re getting the best power deal

If you’re often wondering how to save electricity, it may pay to take a look into whether you’re getting the best available deal on your power. Electricity companies are constantly offering new deals and cheap prices to try and sign new customers up - you may find that there are better deals out there than what you’re currently paying. 

Check out our free and easy to use comparison tool - you can compare electricity prices, providers and deals online in a matter of minutes. It’s easier than you think to switch to a different provider, and it could end up saving you hundreds of dollars a year!