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How a Fibre Internet Connection Can Benefit Your Business
August 21, 2018


There’s a good reason why fibre internet is fast becoming the most common type of internet connection in both homes and businesses around the globe. With internet speeds that are unmatched by any other type of connection, it’s easy to see why having a fibre internet connection is so popular.  However, fast speeds aren’t the only advantage that comes with connecting to the fibre optic network - we’ve put together a list of how upgrading to fibre internet can benefit your business. 

A Busy Office Using Fibre Broadband

Increased Bandwidth

While a fast internet connection is important, the bandwidth is too - especially for companies with a significant amount of employees. A huge proportion of businesses out there have a high need for data transmission, especially for user activities such as web conferencing, file sharing, streaming HD videos and cloud applications.

With a fibre internet connection, the bandwidth availability is significantly higher than other internet connections, and the speed does not decrease when there are high demands put on the network.

If you have unlimited internet and still find your connection isn’t overly fast, take a look at these tips on How to Make Your Wi-Fi Faster.

Cloud Access

The ‘Cloud’ has fast become one of the most important tools businesses are using for hosting, apps and more. Forbes has even predicted that 83% of enterprise workloads will be using the Cloud by 2020!

The speed and bandwidth capabilities of business fibre broadband means fewer delays and faster access to applications and data stored within the Cloud. 

Connection Reliability

There are significant reliability benefits that a fibre internet connection provides over the copper internet connectivity. Fibre is a lot stronger than copper, is not susceptible to harsh weather conditions and also resistant to electrical and human interference (unless the fibres are physically cut).

As many business owners know, an unreliable internet connection can incur unnecessary costs. Unplanned downtime can bring productivity and communications to a halt. If a business relies on an internet connection to operate, reliability is an absolute necessity.

Stronger Signal Strength

With traditional connections such as DSL or Ethernet, the internet signal weakens as the user moves further away from the switch. The signal strength of a fibre internet connection, however, does not weaken as quickly with distance.

Businesses with extensive office space can hugely benefit from better signal strength - team members won’t have to deal with internet dropping out or delayed speeds, no matter where they are in the office.

Cheaper Broadband Plans

Now that fibre internet is so popular, many internet service providers are offering fantastic broadband plans in order to get you to sign up. You might be surprised to find that some ISP’s fibre broadband deals are cheaper than other connections!

If you’re looking to make the switch to business fibre broadband, now is the perfect time to compare prices from Australia’s best broadband providers. Check out our handy fibre broadband comparison tool to find the best internet deals for your business.

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